Redefining the stadium experience

Our services and solutions are helping stadiums reinvent ways of working in the face of the new digital era. We’ve developed technology to help stadiums worldwide improve inefficiencies, reduce costs and become more customer-centric.

Seated ticketing, memberships, and loyalty programs

Our intuitive stadium plan editor makes it easy for organisers to showcase their stadium layout. Customers can navigate around the venue and click on a section to browse available seats within the area. Event organisers can add multi-tiered pricing, set up early bird promotions and view seat allocations in a couple of clicks. Our season ticket option allows fans to purchase the same seat for the entirety of the games or shows available. Stadiums can reward fan loyalty through season ticket management portal with exclusive discounts.

Digitalising merchandise sales

We’ve put a focus on a fan’s average spend to look at ways to boost revenue. Our system allows stadiums to list food, beverages, and merchandise for fans to pre-purchase directly from the ticket shop and collect on arrival. This technology allows stadiums to deploy upselling and cross-selling strategies to earn more revenue from existing customers. 

Tap & go payments

Our technology has helped stadiums respond to changing customer spending habits by adopting a cashless system and encouraging speedy contactless transactions. With such a high capacity of people onsite we put a focus on reducing queues and improving security measures for the venue. 

Speeding up verification with ticket scanning

Our stadium access solution helps venues to admit large volumes of fans into their stadium effortlessly. We developed multi-level access control to suit the intricate layout of each stadium. Ticket tiers can be linked to zones such as VIP or fan park and digital readers grant fan access with a scan.

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