Expand your offering with bespoke ticketing

Customisable ticketing solutions

Expand your service offering with a white label, modular ticketing software. Seamlessly integrate new features into your existing provider or use them independently as an end-to-end digital solution.

White label ticketing

Enable organisers to sell tickets from their own websites, choose from multiple event & ticket types, upsell products and track sales in real-time. 

Our software is fully customisable with CSS, supports multiple languages and currencies, can be seamlessly embedded onto any website with iFrame or API.  

Event ticketing solutions Event ticketing solutions Event ticketing solutions

Looking to list & promote events?

Showcase your clients on your website with a custom event listing page & become a leading event provider. 

Nuweb Group offers Partners a suite of resources, including branded websites & event listing pages, to help grow your online presence.

Theatre Events

Innovative add-on features

Impress your customers with a range of add-on features, from bespoke venue charts for seated events, product upselling tools and custom data capture forms - all within the ticket shop.

Digital entry management

Equip organises with your branded Android app to manage access securely.

Transform smartphones into ticket scanners, validate access with a quick scan of the e-tickets & track attendance in real-time. 

Manage event entry with branded apps.

Integration with leading providers

Create, manage and analyse campaigns with add-on extensions.

Discover our innovative software features