Elevate your offering with RFID technology

Elevate your offering with RFID technology

Cutting-edge RFID solutions

Take advantage of the latest radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to offer improved security & efficiency. Eliminate cash handling with tap & go cashless payments, digitalise token systems, track traffic flow & verify access to areas - all with just the tap of a smart wristband.

Increase revenues with cashless payments

Transform the experience & operational efficiency, reduce security risks. Take digital payments with just the tap of the RFID wristbands or cards, using your Android devices as readers. Keep track of all transactions, reduce queuing & increase spend.

Our white label solution comes with branded app interfaces & customisable wearables to boost your brand awareness.

White label RFID wearables Use Android devices as readers with our RFID event solutions

Offer complete visibility with eWallet

Our digital wallet empowers attendees to manage their wristbands, preload their accounts with credits & track transactions.

It's quick & easy to save your fully branded interface to the user's device as an app for quick access.

Validate access with a tap

Speed up verification with a quick scan of the e-tickets or wristbands, prevent fraud & track traffic-flow data in real time. 

Our multi-level access control solution supports complex setups and age verification at ticket or product level.

RFID lanyard for corporate events

Live tracking & detailed analytics

Gain valuable insight into real-time traffic and sales data, to optimise your next event and secure sponsorship opportunities.
Reporting tools 

Customised solutions

  • White label apps & interfaces
  • Personalised, branded wearables
  • Integration with existing providers
  • Add-on ticketing for a complete solution

What kit do you need?

Turning your operation completely digital is quick and easy. Transform your devices into scanners and equip attendees with RFID tags.


  • RFID wristbands
  • RFID cards or tags


  • iOS devices with Bluetooth beacons
  • Android devices 4.4 or above
  • Famoco scanning devices
RFID wristband, card and reader