Our cloud-based apps offer robust security, flexible integration and best-in-class customisation

Expand into new markets with solutions that inject automation into every area of venue operations. Enabled by bespoke applications, Nuweb’s technology allows enterprises to sell smarter, streamline operations and manage customers effectively.

Digital access control, powered by data

Harness the transformative power of digital access management. Our access control solution focuses on optimising efficiency and reducing costs. Digital access control enables businesses to introduce greater autonomy, faster processing and more agile age verification.
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Scalable and flexible to any environment

Our Access Control solution is scalable to its core so businesses keep up with this rapid growth, without putting demands on staff and resources. Designed to suit complex setups, users can create multiple access zones and set detailed entry criteria based on ticket types, capacity limits and specific times of the day.
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Omni channel sales

Nuweb’s omni channel approach bridges the gap between online and onsite to deliver a consistent experience across all touchpoints. Nuweb’s mobile box office is designed to deliver end-to-end ticketing onsite. Organisers can accept multiple payment options and print tickets in an instant to accommodate last minute ticket sales.
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One seamless system

All Nuweb online and onsite solutions work, connect and collaborate with your preferred payment gateways, marketing, and analytics providers for a frictionless service. Nuweb’s central dashboard allows users to manage the entire event flow and report on any metric from each customer touchpoint. 

Partnerships to power your business

  • Adopt new bespoke technologies
  • In-house experts
  • Leverage our alliance ecosystem
  • Ongoing development and support
  • Optional on-site training & support

Take advantage of Nuweb's Integration Partners

We partner with the world’s best technology companies to ensure that our customers get the most out of our solutions

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