Fair and Event case study


The Partner

The FAEM platform helps event organisers to streamline their event management process. Nuweb partnered with FAEM to strengthen their portfolio of products by adding bespoke white label ticketing, and a box office application.

Stepping up growth plans with product Innovation

Fair and Event is a B2B exhibitor and event marketplace focused on streamlining application processes, making new connections, and capturing new revenue. To support an ever-growing customer base and to continue to meet the needs of its customers, Fair and Event approached Nuweb to integrate a new application.

Fair and Event wanted to implement a ticketing solution that would not only meet the basic requirements of their customers but could be leveraged as a competitive differentiator in the market. 

Fair and Event wanted an out-of-the-box solution that had a track record of success. The team wanted to deliver the solution to their customers fast but still ensure product support, knowledge and expertise.

API integrations

Nuweb helped implement a high-level, API-based integration so customers could seamlessly access the ticketing solution without friction. Adding SSO API integrations to each platform allowed us to combine both solutions into one functional service.

Mobile box office

With increased competition in the county faire market, the company turned to Nuweb to help enhance its onsite ticket selling process. Nuweb has designed and implemented a mobile box office solution so the team could accept card payments, print tickets and check-in ticket holders on the go. Using box office, Fair and Event could deliver a better end-user experience, improve their competitive position and capture an important section of the market. 

Market expansion

Fair and Event wanted to find ways to expand their coverage and improve service in other neighbouring locations, with Canada being a primary focus. The Nuweb team considered Fair and Event’s unique requirements and developed proposals for an extension plan that would help them to overcome the challenges with demographic change.

The results

On an overall level, the ability to offer a ticketing solution has helped Fair and Event to extend the value of their platform, and create new revenue streams. 

As part of the ongoing development, Nuweb helped Fair and Event to facilitate the appointment of a large channel partner in Canada. Through this project, Fair and Event have gained access to opportunities to expand their coverage into new target markets.

This has created the basis for implementing a new business model, enabling the company to develop new services and market them directly using the platform.