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The Partner

The leading card terminal provider in the Faroe Islands, Terminal.fo partnered with us to build on their reputation and expand into adjacent technology markets by creating the brand Explore. Through our partnership, they now offer leading cashless payment and online booking solutions across the island.

Terminal becomes a market leader supported by digital technology

As the leading supplier of Verifone PDQ machines in the Faroe Islands, Terminal.fo approached Nuweb Group to deploy a digital solution that could extend the value of the company’s customer-centric operations, and create new revenue streams.

Nuweb joined as a strategic technology partner with Terminal, to apply both technology and operational innovation with long-term support for ongoing business growth.

As with any new market, the Nuweb team worked closely with the team at Terminal to develop an action plan to address their unique market requirements. Which included implementing a multilingual translation system, integrated zonal control and age restriction options on tickets. The result is a customisable, secure end-to-end solution, available as-a-service and ready for deployment.

Zonal control

Nuweb delivered an access control system that would enable Terminal to offer digitized entry management. This instalment included a fully in-out zonal control feature, to combat customers re-entering under fraudulent tickets. The system was powered by a bespoke application and enabled ticketing scanning capabilities, enhanced security, and advanced analytics and reporting. 


Nuweb faced the challenge of producing accessible interfaces in Faroese. A language which is only spoken by 70,000 people worldwide and not supported by the Google Translation API. We reworked the system to allow for multilingual translation. Now, any Terminal team member can translate into their own language while accessing the platform seamlessly without using any third-party tools. All the fields in the system are translatable so purchasing customers could swap the interface from Faroese into English at any time. 

Age restricted access

Terminal wanted to expand on its technology to process age verification with more efficiency. In order to give a better service to customers as part of their wider digital transformation. Nuweb rolled out a completely automated data capture and age verification system. The new system only required single processing of an ID card to automatically authenticate age data during the event. Our solution, coupled with spot checks, complied with Forese authorities regulation to allow for a completely cashless festival.

The results

With the solution in place, Terminal can now support end-to-end ticketing and onsite solutions in the Faroe Islands. The solution has been designed as an extension of the existing brand and has met with great acceptance in the event network. 

Terminal was able to leverage innovative solutions and approach to gain a competitive advantage in a brand new market. Swiftly after the introduction of the new systems, Terminal delivered ticketing and access control at the Islands largest festivals and cashless payments at National Sporting Events in Rowing and Handball.

What our Partner says

We are very proud to be part of the Nuweb Group here in the Faroe Islands. We use the system for festivals, concerts, sporting events, & webinars and we are working to get Nuweb into tourism in the Faroe Islands. Nuweb has given us a much better overview of what is happening and who has bought the various tickets. 

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